blue collar cream ale

The Blue Collar Cream ale is brewed to compete with the American Lager giants. This crisp and refreshing ale is clean on the palate. An amazing light beer with no bitter taste

siskiyou pass esb

This light bodied English Pale strikes a gentle balance of caramel malts and earthy hop flavors. Fit for a British pub, bloody cheers!

Table rock Red

This northwest classic sports a big malt backbone, while still representing the region with just enough hop flavor to remind you that it is a true Oregon ale.

whiskey canyon porter

Rich, cream, and smooth this porter is one to contend with.  The caramel and chocolate malts come together to make this dark full bodied beauty of a beer famous with our regulars. 

ore-gunslinger doulbe ipa

The infamous Ore-Gunslinger is the ultimate double IPA and a local favorite. With a palate wrecking bitterness and aggressive hop flavor this beer could be considered a weapon of mass intoxication.

hopjaw american ipa

A classic and refreshing Oregon style IPA. Clean and smooth with notes of citrus, fruit, and pine. This ale will tantalize the taste buds

dark soul

This velvety smooth stout achieves a wonderful balance of reastyness and creamy oats. Dark, deep, and intricate. A good way to start or end your day.

applegate pale ale

This classic northwest pale has a healthy malt backbone yet boasts a citrusy and hoppy flavor, making this a well balanced and sessionable pale for any occasion.

darth kriegers coffee imperial stout

Dark as a Sith Lord’s heart, this deliciously evil stout features fresh roasted Limestone Coffee, big, luscious, and boozy; this beer delivers a full coffee taste as well as a body warming punch. It will convert you to the dark side!

rotating beers

Dark Soul Cold Brew

We took our Dar Soul oatmeal stout and blended it with delicious fresh roasted coffee beans from our friends over at Limestone. Cold extraction coffee gives this brew next level drinkability. Coffee lovers rejoice!

For Your Health

This refreshing light ale combines fresh lemon, turmeric, sumac and a pinch of ginger to create a delightfully sessionable nitrous brew. Just what your beer doctor ordered for these hot summer days.

Kali’s Cooler

Pink beer? Why not? Hibiscus flowers and lime create a beautifully pink, floral and slightly tart concoction. The result is a beer thats almost too easy to drink. A beer fit for a goddess, but you don’t need to be one to enjoy it.

cloudy mind ipa series

As hazy as a summer day in Southern Oregon. Refreshingly smooth and hoppy. Not sweet, but also not too bitter. Each batch will feature blends of delicious rotation hops.